Brad Linde

Ted Brown, Lee Konitz, and Brad Linde
December 2015 at the Drawing Room in Brooklyn, NY.

"The capital city's contemporary cool king"
- Capitalbop

"a fleet, quixotically cool player... a consistently inventive and creative saxophonist..."
-Clifford Allen, "Signal To Noise" Magazine

"Best of DC Jazz 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015: Best Baritone Saxophone"
-Washington City Paper

"Best of DC Jazz 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015:
Best Large Ensemble - Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra"
-Washington City Paper

"Best of DC Jazz 2014: Best Small Group - Brad Linde's DIX OUT"
-Washington City Paper

"Linde's performances are ambitious as hell."
-Michael J. West, Washington City Paper

"Brad Linde plays with a drive, respect for the tradition,
and energy far beyond his years."
-Jon Metzger, composer/vibist

"Linde plays with the fire of today through the reflexive eyeglasses of
the masters. With a deep, rich and full-bodied tone, he quests for
harmonic truth through melodic convergence."
- Dr. Thomas R. Erdmann, Saxophone Journal